The challenge
To create an Android application for users of, a new blogging service, that tightly follows the Material Design spec to deliver a natural, native experience for Android users.

The solution
The goal was to create a native-feeling, Material-inspired Android app that still had its own personality and allowed the branding and identity of Dialog to shine through.

The existing iOS apps and website were used as reference to build up a list of required features. Basic wireframes were created to ensure the user’s workflow aligned logically with what they would expect on the site as well as other social media apps. This was refined following the creation of an interactive prototype.

Dialog is available now in a public beta (below), with planned updates to add notifications, the ability to post using a WordPress blog and more.

Project details
Mockups were created using Sketch, and the prototype was built using Invision.

Links | Download on Google Play

July 5, 2018