The challenge
Create a conceptual advertising campaign for the CF Polo Park Roots store promoting their new stock of leather bags. The goal of the campaign was to drive customers from the home, to the mall, and finally into the store itself to see the bags in person.

The solution
It was important to highlight the feeling of genuine leather and create a sense that customers simply had to feel the bags to believe them. The campaign started with a print ad, which would appear in several local newspapers, and drive customers into the mall. Once there, the campaign continued with a large format mall advertisement, and finally concluded with a large banner display in the window of retail store itself. There was an intentional ambiguity to the subjects of the image to allow users to picture themselves with the bags and avoid drawing too much attention away from the bags.

Project details
All pieces created using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

This was created as a conceptual, educational project and has no affiliation with Roots.

July 5, 2018